FFF: rockin' in the dance hall, groovin' with you

I've seen several blogs participate with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story's "Friday Fave Five" meme. I don't want to mess with joining the Mr. Linky crowd, but I do like having a regular way to recount the good things that I have experienced in a week. Here's some for this week

1 My pretty blue henley. It is light and soft and the blue is at once cheerful and soothing. I can't think of a descriptor other than a bright, Swedish blue, if that means anything to you. MM really likes the little buttons down the front. Ahem. ;)

2 We had friends over for a spontaneous get together on Sunday. My man and his buddy P went out to the back yard to practice sword drills, while L and I sorted through my gobs and gobs of old fabric. LP played with toys. Afer the sorting, playing, and practicing, we all had pasta and salad and a tasty wine. Well, except for LP. She had some noodles and milk. We rigged up a Big Girl chair for her by seating her on a giant book housing the collected works of William Shakespeare. Higher learning. All in all it was just a fun, surprise chance to hang out with folks we love.

3 Snuggling with MM! nuf said. :)

4 Dancing with MM in the kitchen. I shared this song with him, and we had fun dancing and singing along. And it is good to have another way to say, "I love you. I love you. I love you." Previously we were using Buddy's song to Walter, complete with the "That was wierd." followup. :) 

5 Working from home the last two days. I enjoy dressing for work and going in to the office about 2-3 days a week. Then I want to hunker down at home and do loads of laundry while I work on my writing. My home office is warm and quiet and cheerful. I have a refrigerator with healthy food. And its just peaceful here. Plus I can wear sweats!

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  1. LP....LOVE THIS!
    scarlet letter wine...LOVED IT!
    being in the Wright's company...

    lets make it happen again soon!


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