tuesdaybook - fluffy, white robe

For today I am

Seeing... My cozy, red couch with its fuzzy, orange blanket. The tree canopy over my street. And boxes (and boxes!) of books.

Its a work from home day - hallelujah! My home is warm and cozy and peaceful. I've got a deadline today, and it is soooo much better to work like a madwoman from the comfort of my home. I am sooooo thankful I have the option to do this.

Hearing... Tea water boiling on the stove, and MM clicking his way through his morning webcomics and blog posts.

He's working from home today too! Yay!

Wearing... Blue and white knit jammies that my Mama gave me for my wedding shower, athletic socks, and my fluffy, white robe.

Tasting... Mmmmm - just poured the tea, and soon there will be steel cut oats with cinamon, and maybe some banana. (I'm out of dried cranberries.)

Creating... Designing my new journal and prepping my new notebook.

I use composition books for my journals. That way they are all the same size and shape. It also gives me a way to customize my journals. I clip/tear photos and phrases from magazines or draw original art and cover the journals with collages. Ann Voskamp buys blank books and continues the art inside, but I need lots of space for lots of words, so I'm happy to just design the outside.

I use store bought journals as my analog productivity tool. Partly b/c I find it to be less cumbersome than electronic tools, and partly because, philosophically, I like to have non-digital elements of my life. I enjoy "bouquets of freshly-sharpened pencils" and beautiful papers and colorful ink. Using a simple month-view calender and written lists allows me to keep my organization system simple, and use items that give me pleasure in the process. Sometime I'll describe my productivity notebook, but for now, I'm happy to be setting up a new one. A gift from a friend!

Working... For the office - writing, writing, writing. And some graphics design. And some formatting. We are delivering a draft of the help system tomorrow! Gah!

For the home - MM and I are going to shelve the CDs and books. This has been a fun project! We are both book lovers and its been cool to merge our libraries. MM has an amazingly varied pallet, and I have genre's of books he's never read before. I love getting to know him and seeing the books that have shaped some of his worldview. It's also fun to think that all these cool books are in my library now! :)

Pondering... Some of the insights, breakthroughs, epiphanies, and "aha! moments" of late. I'm going through powerful shifts as I continue to heal, and its hard to keep up with it all. I'm an internal processor and need to take time to assimilate all my experiences (hence notebooks, journals, blogs, etc.) In between writing, designing, formatting, and book-shelving, I hope to grab snatches of time to process.

Remembering... How last year, at this time, I was getting ready to go to Greece! What a great adventure! I can't wait to travel again. It will be a few years before we can afford to go. Every other year, MM has a conference in Wisconsin, so our trips abroad will need to alternate with that. We are thinking Ireland for 2012!

Planning... For today - dinner. Wraps & chips - something light before tango lessons. For the future - loose plans for the fall/holiday season.

Thankful for... The opportunity to work from home instead of having to get all dressed up and sit in a freezing office at an uncomfortable desk. The gentle caffine stylings of black tea. My rockstar husband who loves me so well. My Cornish Hill mug, that reminds me of an old, beloved boss. The sunshine falling on the leaves outside my window and streaming through the blinds into the kitchen. A new day to work, create, heal, and grow.


saturday morning: don't worry, about a thing...

I sip rich, Sumatran coffee from my wicker rocking chair on the front porch. A soft, warm breeze carries the scent of freshly mowed lawns and hearty Saturday Morning breakfasts. Leaves with the first tinges of fall color flutter a bit as squirrels chase each other for love and nuts in the branches of the maple tree in our front yard. An elegant, middle-aged African American couple strolls by, holding hands, and smiling into each others eyes. They greet the folks they pass with the same smiles, sharing their contented happiness with the neighborhood.

Little Max chatters and hollers and sings goofy songs next door. I have a soft spot for Little Max. He's five, and ill-used by his older siblings, always crying over something or another. Singing or crying, and oh so cute with his little British accent. Today, he and I chat while he walks the outside of their porch railing. A raised bungalow porch is quite a high place for a little boy to fall down from, and I tell him to be careful, because I would be very sad if he fell and got smashed. He laughs off my concerns as he slides down the side of his house from the banister. He puts on a brave face, but does stop singing his "Dad's ukulele song" and goes inside with a frown saying, "I only get a little dirt. And it hurts my hands."

I love Max. I hope he spends more of today singing than crying. It is hard to be the youngest.

Inside I hear the clatter of dishes as my husband washes up from last evening's guests. Wine and appetizers and five hours of lively conversation with folks we haven't really seen in months.

Our new Pandora station provides sweet soul and reggae groove accompaniment to the dish washing. And out here with me, actual birds chatter and squawk along with Three Little Birds.

In this medley of kids playing, dogs barking, reggae grooving, birds chattering, neighbors singing, leaves rustling... I sip and rock and breathe and drink deeply of this moment.

Ah - MM is calling me to our own hearty breakfast.

I am filled with thankfulness.


FFF: rockin' in the dance hall, groovin' with you

I've seen several blogs participate with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story's "Friday Fave Five" meme. I don't want to mess with joining the Mr. Linky crowd, but I do like having a regular way to recount the good things that I have experienced in a week. Here's some for this week

1 My pretty blue henley. It is light and soft and the blue is at once cheerful and soothing. I can't think of a descriptor other than a bright, Swedish blue, if that means anything to you. MM really likes the little buttons down the front. Ahem. ;)

2 We had friends over for a spontaneous get together on Sunday. My man and his buddy P went out to the back yard to practice sword drills, while L and I sorted through my gobs and gobs of old fabric. LP played with toys. Afer the sorting, playing, and practicing, we all had pasta and salad and a tasty wine. Well, except for LP. She had some noodles and milk. We rigged up a Big Girl chair for her by seating her on a giant book housing the collected works of William Shakespeare. Higher learning. All in all it was just a fun, surprise chance to hang out with folks we love.

3 Snuggling with MM! nuf said. :)

4 Dancing with MM in the kitchen. I shared this song with him, and we had fun dancing and singing along. And it is good to have another way to say, "I love you. I love you. I love you." Previously we were using Buddy's song to Walter, complete with the "That was wierd." followup. :) 

5 Working from home the last two days. I enjoy dressing for work and going in to the office about 2-3 days a week. Then I want to hunker down at home and do loads of laundry while I work on my writing. My home office is warm and quiet and cheerful. I have a refrigerator with healthy food. And its just peaceful here. Plus I can wear sweats!


tango tuesdaybook: workin' 9-5

Seeing... Ugly office furniture and a hazy sky and rooftops through the broken blinds in this fourth story office.

I'm on a short project, and our set up is one giant room with no cubes, but desks shoved up against each other ala The Office. These people actually get work done though, so there will be no Office Olympics with Flonkenschtein. Bummer. I was so ready to bring home the yogurt lid.

Hearing... The tippy tap of fingers on keys. And the soft whir of computer fans.

Usually a guy in the neighboring office plays a weird blend of classic rock and elevator music, but he's out today. I personally have "Our Love Is Here To Stay".

Wearing... Officy clothes. Two things of note: my swirly skirt from my trip to Greece and a cream scarf.

Tonight is our Argentine Tango class. It really changes the movement, etc. to wear high heels and a skirt. Plus, its fun to wear something twirly now and then. And the scarf is to keep me warm in this freezing office! Yeesh! Plus it adds to the romance of my twirly skirt.

Tasting... Steel-cut oatmeal with coconut oil, vanilla, cinamon, and dried cranberries. Yum!

Creating... No official creating today. Today is about productivity and fundamentals.

Working... Topics for a help system.

Pondering... Balance. Rhythm. Values. Priorities. What do we do with "our one wild and precious life?"

Remembering... The lovely, romantic, deliciously autumnal weekend with My Man.

We got to socialize with people a little, which was a blast, but most of the weekend we just hung out with each other. Went on a few driving adventures on Saturday, and spent Sunday sipping coffee, and puttering around the house. Mostly we just held hands and smooched and enjoyed the gorgeous days.

Planning... Our fall/holiday schedule is filling up. I'm trying to balance activity with stillness, and people-time with alone-time. Not easy.

Thankful for... My Man of course - his strength and love carried us this last year. What a doozy! We met, bonded, and married in a little over 13 months. Oy vey!