tuesdaybook - front porch

Seeing... Leaves, leaves, leaves - and yard grass that's returning to green now that we are giving it some TLC - and squirrels chasing each other violently up and down tree trunks - It is a beautiful, blue-sky summer day!

Hearing... The squawk and twitter of jays and finches and other nameless birds - a dog barking down the street - the long, low, far-off whistle of a train - the wind through all the leaves, leaves, leaves

Wearing... old jeans and my favorite red sweatshirt

Tasting... cinnamon raisin toast smothered in real butter

Creating... space inside my soul to think and feel and dream again

Working... on resting - my job, this morning, is to sit on the front porch

Pondering... nothing much today - this is a day for meandering, whispy thoughts, not deep ones

Remembering... that my soul needs front porches and cinnamon toast and leaves, leaves, leaves...

Planning... a few trips with my One True Love

Thankful for... a whole month of mornings like this - and the Dear Husband who gave them to me


  1. How great to get TWO snapshots of your day and new life. I am so unable to pick up the phone right now, but you are at the top of my list! Can't wait to touch base more. xoxo

  2. P.S. The Nevada County fair is this week, just in case that were to fit in your trip planning, haha :)


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