tuesdaybook - front porch (redux, part 2, again)

Seeing... Sunlight through the maple leaves; sunny yellow blossoms on the potted plant on my porch; and the tiniest tinge of pink in the blossoms of my green hydrangeas; a delicious blue summer sky

Hearing... The clatter of dishes as my neighbors enjoy breakfast, chatting with their smart English accents; a distant lawn mower; the twitter of tiny birds in the palm trees next door

Wearing... old jeans and my favorite red sweatshirt (a theme for these days)

Tasting... delicious ceylon tea from our beloved tea shop that is no more :(

Creating... fun pillowcases for my man and maybe some for me too

Working... on getting my name changed - today, get the authorized copy of the marriage certificate - tomorrow, a day of big fun at the social security office - Thursday, another day of happy fun times at the DMV - Friday (hopefully), fill out paperwork for my new job, and change my name with all insurance agencies...

Pondering... the deep healing that needs to occur in my soul, the progress made so far, and what I can do to facilitate it all; what rhythms MM and I need to develop, so that we can do the things that are important to us (make music, write stories, fence/dance/adventure, learn Italian, cook our way through cultures of the world...); how we (all of us) must slow down, create solitude/silence, and listen in order to number our days aright...

Remembering... My husband's goodbye kiss this morning as he left for the office

Planning... a visit to the ocean this weekend - the last of the summer

Thankful for... the fragrance of morning sun on the damp, cool earth; that the workers who I thought would be here all day, left after 15 minutes; that the paperwork we need to get our marriage certificate finally arrived; that I have been blessed with the time and space to just enjoy a cool summer morning on my front porch


  1. I love it all, but especially love the "Pondering" section. How true! I should slow down a little more! I ran into one of your friends at the farmers market this morning. I can't remember her name, be she was one of the ones who sang at your (wonderful) wedding!

  2. Thanks Lady! Oh, and that was my friend Deb. She saw you and your Little Chicken, and also my cousin who was Dancing Queen at the wedding. ;)


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