summer list - unofficial deliciousness

Though I haven't an official, documented Summer List this year, MM and I have, nevertheless, been trying to make the most of this month off at the tail end of summer. We aren't working on the house. We aren't making lists of things to buy and do. We aren't doing any more than the bare necessity of bookkeeping. We are, however:

- watching LOST from the beginning

- grilling dinner at least once a week on our little tailgate bbq

- sipping as much limeaid as possible

- slurping popsicles on the front porch

- gazing at the crackling blaze in the firepit

Last weekend we bought an inflatable raft and spent a lazy afternoon floating on a pond. This weekend we pitched a tent and camped in our back yard. So fun!

We cooked on the grill and the camp stove. MM had his first bite of a real S'more. (He remains unimpressed.) We spent long, slow days reading comics and making googly eyes at each other from our camp chairs. In the evenings we sipped whiskey by the fire. And after the last log turned to embers, we snuggled up together under the stars, breathing in the scent of pine trees and listening to the frog chorus sing us to sleep.

Simple summer goodness with my man.

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  1. sounds wonderful and lovely, just like you two!


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