and now we are two

Dear Reader,

I am married. Yay!

And it is grand. To be with my One True Love. All the time. Forever.

Happy are we in our little house with the big yard. Outside, I water the front lawn and he waters the back. We meet at the gate to exchange kisses and "I love yous." In the laundry room, he irons the dress shirts while I fold the towels. In the kitchen, he does the dishes while I make the lunches. I sweep the floor and he sorts the recycling. (Recycling is very important.) At table, he serves the Bread and I serve the Wine....

And everywhere and all the time we pray and talktalktalktalktalk and hold hands and kiss and dance laugh ourselves silly. My husband (!) makes me laugh so hard I snort.

It is good to be married.

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  1. Duker9:41 AM

    And then they all said

    AMEN !!!!!!


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