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It's been awhile! So much has been going on. I have a few half-written posts to put up soon, but am on a deadline at work, so those will have to wait. But I at least want to share something while you wait. For today I am

Seeing... Sunshine! It is gloriously sunny today. Windy, but bright and cheerful. It's pouring through my window and easing its way across my wood floors. Looks like honey.

Hearing... Just above the traffic noises, my neighbor chat with a landscaper about changes he wants to make in his yard.

Wearing... My sparkly flip flops! These babies are covered in crystals and make me so happy. Last Friday I got some very much-needed Girl Time with my bff. We got our first pedicures of the year. A pedicure deserves sparkly flip flops! Yay for being Girls!

Tasting... Coffee. Sigh. I'm trying to stick with coffee and sodas only on weekends, but the last couple days I've just needed an extra kick in the head to wake up. One thing I will do today is have green tea this afternoon instead of the off-limits stuff. I'll get back on the horse. I promise!

Creating... Hmmm... I haven't really created "stuff" for a while now, because MM and I are busy creating US! We have been using up lots of energy getting to know each other and bonding. Neither of us has had the energy to do the stuff we usually do. He's only been able to noodle on the guitar. I haven't done any art or crafting. We haven't been able to write much. Or read deep, intense stuff like we usually do.

But its worth it! So far, US is very beautiful. :) And we will blend in those other creative pursuits soon. This is an amazing season of growth and life that we never thought we'd get to have. Yay for US!

Working... Blerg! Spreadsheets and technical writing. Did I already say blerg? Sigh. I am happy to have a job. I am thankful that I have skills and a place to use them. I'd just rather use my energy on other things. Alas - this is where I am right now.

Pondering... The theme God has given me - still, even though Lent long over - is Trust. Learning to relax and rest. To be at peace instead of anticipating disaster. To choose love instead of fear. To believe that I am safe & that God has got it all under control. That all the things that worry me or stress me out will all come out in the wash, and that I can focus my mind on other things. I am pondering these truths. Trust.

And I am continually amazed at how wonderful MM is to me as I learn to be at peace and to trust. He is strong and kind and loving and so understanding about this healing process I am in. I'm very thankful that he is by my side and in this with me. He is teaching me so much! So I'm also pondering how cool it is that we learn these deep things in relationship. One of the mysteries.

Remembering... "It is such a folly to pass one's time fretting, instead of resting quietly on the heart of Jesus." ~ St. Therese of Lisieux

Planning... Some more girl time later this week. And trying to rearrange some activities this month to fit in some unexpected events. Our calendar is packed tight through May, so we must be delicate in how we move things around. It is an art and a science.

Thankful for... Beautiful spring days that lift my spirits. The healing that is happening inside me. The ways that MM and I are connecting and growing together. That we are starting to dream and plan for the next season of our lives together. (!) Grace. Love.

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  1. Hey - you are back. I thought you had stopped blogging. So good to read you again.


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