I've got some ideas swirling around, but nothing's landed into a real post, so I'll do the daybook thing again. For today I am:

Seeing... bright sunshine in the morning and dark clouds in the afternoon thanks to the changeable weather of March.

Hearing... the ticking of my clock, the muffled noise of a neighbor's television, and some squawking bird in the tree behind my building.

Wearing... a pale yellow sweater that my girlfriends gave me. We all got together to have our photo taken and wore different colored versions of the same sweater with black pants. This sweater makes me think of that day and those girlfriends and the gift of long friendships.

Tasting... almond black tea. I'm slowly going back to The Oatmeal Plan. One of its health disciplines is to have coffee only on the weekends, and to have tea during the week. I love coffee, but it isn't good for me. I love tea, and it is actually beneficial. No brainer. This way, coffee is a treat to be savored. My life needs more savoring.

Creating... a couple of gifts for people I love.

Working... on my job search still. I did get a call about a promising opportunity, but I still need to plug away at the looking. Things are pretty dry still.

Pondering... how MM and I might use the budget we drafted as a tool for prayer. (If we come up with something, this may turn into a post of its own.)

Remembering... how lovely it was to walk along nature trails with MM this weekend. A dream come true to walk amidst natural beauty with my True Love. The entire event left me refreshed and happy, but it was particularly cool to walk within 10 feet of three does! They stared at us and sniffed but did not run away. Wow!

Planning... a few bits of fun for MM's upcoming birthday :D and some get togethers with girlfriends - cocktails to celebrate a milestone, monthly theater night to see Chicago, a coffee/dessert date, and an annual ice skating trip with one of the sweater girls.

Thankful for... an extra evening with MM to snuggle and pray and talk and laugh and rest. We need it!

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