Lent 2010: Solitude

This time of year (late January) feel tired and worn thin, "like butter scraped over too much bread." Three months of holidays and celebration have taken their toll and I long for the still, quiet peace of Lent. A time to slow down. Consume less. Pray more. Read. Think. Contemplate. Be still.

Lent is not for another few weeks, but I need this now. The three months of celebration are in the midst of my healing work in therapy and starting a new relationship that we believe is headed toward marriage (!). I am also unemployed, and the stress of making ends meet and conducting a job search during a recession is added to the emotional upheaval and celebratory tiredness.

Last week I really felt like all this adds up to me needing to practice some Solitude. My plan is to read through the various materials I already have (Celebration/Celebrating the Disciplines, Sacred Rhythms, Spiritual Classics, Sabbath, Wilderness Time, etc.) And maybe I will use the Spiritual Formation Bible to focus some of my reading on Solitude. I will take notes "chapbook"-style and post some of them here.

MM and I will do some sort of Lent thing together, but I think this year, instead of giving something up, I will practice Solitude. Yay Lent!

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