job requirements

Currently, here is my work:
  • Grieve
  • Stretch what is tight and release what is bound
  • Sit in the sunshine and listen to birds
  • Watch the oxalis turn to follow the sun traverse the sky
  • Drink water
  • Learn to breathe deep and inhabit my body
  • Drink sparkly water with lime
  • Scrub and wash my dishes and floors and self with lovely-scented bubbles
  • Paint, garden, sew, build, and cook new, delicious, healthy things
  • Drink more water
      and tea
      and wine
  • Shave my legs and paint my toes and wear more dresses
  • Sort through boxes of photos, papers, memories, keeping only that which sparks joy
  • Write
  • Pray
  • Read poems
  • Do our taxes
  • Love my man
  • Sing new songs
  • Other duties as assigned


*tap tap*

... Is this thing on?

So. Yeah. Its been awhile.

I guess blogging died sometime in 2014.

I just want everyone to remember that I stopped blogging before it was cool. I need to get some Warby Parker glasses and start using more hashtags, I guess.

Anyway. I'm not sure why I stopped. The past two years were full, and I may not have had the energy to blog with so much going on. I needed to live my actual walking around life with other actual walking around humans doing the same thing.

Truth be told, I still feel that way. I want to plow through all the boxes of paperwork in my office that need to be dealt with. I want to sew and paint and design our new landscaping and organize the garage again. I want to get together with my girlfriends and go on dates with my husband. And adopt puppies that will mess up all our new landscaping.

I miss writing, though. And while I'm not convinced that ultimately this is where I want to do my writing, it is a place to write. So - perhaps we'll fire it up again, and see what happens.


well, that was fun

My facebook post this morning:

Well. Despite a surgery in the middle of things, we did our best for Fall: We carved pumpkins, roasted seeds, wore our giant afro wigs (several times). I watched my "fall movies" and listened to lots of bluegrass, folk, and jazz. I constructed a lopsided fall wreath for the door and made my first pumpkin spice mousse pie. We found a leaf bigger than my head and ran through piles of them at the park. The burnt orange throw blanket, mugs, and scarf all got a good workout. We ate our way through three Thanksgiving dinners and most of our Giant Pile of Gourds... Not too shabby. I think we can safely pack last season in. Now - Advent and Christmas.

I drove home under bare branches this morning, most of Autumn's Glory fallen into the gutters and back alleys. Christmas inflatables slump on suburban lawns, awaiting their owner's return from work. (Deflated Christmas inflatables always look so sad to me.) Despite the bare trees and dejected Santas and Snoopys all over the neighborhoods, I am glad for the changing season. We enjoyed this last one thoroughly, and I'm ready to trade in my pumpkins for poinsettias.

Yesterday morning I cleared the sideboard and mantle to make way for our Advent decor. Today I'll wash the Fall tablecloths and we will do the Swapping of the Bins. Autumn goes back to the garage and Advent/Christmas comes inside. I've got a couple days to deck our halls a bit before our first holiday gathering.

So far, I feel peaceful, cheerful, and content. My goal is to maintain this feeling throughout the season. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. (Isn't that always the answer?) People - not stuff. Or, more to the point for me: People - not perfect. In MM's words, keep the good parts; get rid of the stressful parts.

Keeping Advent is tricky for us. We work hard to balance the traditions and expectations of our community with our desire to enter into the quiet, anticipatory restraint of Advent. We have to carve out space for quiet in the midst of parties and concerts and seasonal hooplah. Yesterday, we carved out space by blowing off our Sunday chores to spend the afternoon reading, writing, and watching movies. Good call.

So, here's to the changing of seasons. Here's hoping you have enough Irish for your coffee and Swedish for your pancakes and that we all find a bit of peace and beauty this month.